Basic Marketing Course 100,000 THB
(1 course / duration of each course is 4 hours)

  • Branding
    • Principles for creating cosmetic brands
    • Branding guidelines in the digital age and the actual use
  • Customer
    • Target analysis, groups priority and how to approach
  • Social Network Tools (Facebook)
    • Guidelines for Media Marketing Analyse and create strategies, tactic for post the content, learning the condition of content creation (Do and Don’t)

Advance Marketing Course 200,000 THB
(1 course / duration of each course is 5 hours)

  • Facebook budget optimize: how to maximize ad spend
  • How to create Content for Each Audience: knowing the right groups of people to communicate and how to present content to them
  • Sale funnal: in-depth marketing principles and procedures for creating new sales channels

*Terms and conditions as specified by the company