Research and Development

We provide research, development ,analysis and improve cosmetic formula. Control and service by a professional team and high experience specialist.


  • Notify your requirements such as skin care or body care.
  • Notify your purpose such as anti pimple, UV protection or brighten skin etc.
  • Notify cosmetic quality such as cream, gel, include color , no color, include fragrance , no fragrance etc.
  • Rate for analysis and develop formula

Cosmetic registration service

We are capable for skillful documentation and have sufficient knowledge of chemistry to follow the legal requirements, we know all the process and can guarantee the fast approval from Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Ministry of Public Health.


  • Fill the name / product name / packing / sales price / ingredient list of the products.
  • We will take the process. It takes about 14 working days.
  • Rate

  Production and packaging services

We produce and packing product follow as international standards. Clean & Safety is our policy. You can trust us.


  • Produce new formula takes about 30-45 working days.
  • Produce from standard formula takes about 20-30 working days.
  • No package orders takes about 14-20 working days.
  • Separate package orders less than 1000 pieces takes about 14-20 working days over 1000 pieces takes about 30 working days.
  • Service fee depend on customer’s orders.

Packaging design, logo and creative work design

We do logo, product label, packaging design and creative work for communication tools managed by professional product designer and marketing team.


Strategic planning marketing and public relations

We offer marketing service such as strategic planning which start from zero to success.


Local and international market consulting service

Taking care both of local and international market with experienced marketing team.


  • Suggestion and consult on your marketing plan.
  • Provide alternative choices or revise plan to meet the target.
  • Explain the principle, access and mechanism of business.
  • Rate for marketing courses

  Analysis prohibited substances service

In case of unreliable substances that must be specialty checked.


  • Send formulas or substances that are prohibited.
  • Processing time depends on document availability.
  • Rate

Request export documents

Cover all services and ready to go to international market.


  • Inform country of origin , delivery date and quantity of products.
  • Contact staff for more information.
  • Rate

Photography and video presentation service

We believe pictures and videos are the most important for public relations so we take care all of the image and looks with a professional photographer and team.


Workflow and service

Workflows for develop and analysis new formulas as below:

  • Step 1: clarify details

    Customers inform formulas that they want to develop. Minimum order is 20 grams.  

  • Step 2: set a budget

    Customers indicate their budget for production per kilogram to our staff.

  • Step 3: adjust formula and provide actual price

    Our company will analysis formula and inform the actual price to customer for their decision before produce.

  • Step 4: expenditures

    Development formula costs is 5,000 Baht when customer agrees for the price and quantity and company will charge to you but you can be deducted from the production cost depend on arrangement between customer and company.

  • Step 5: minimum order

    We specify minimum order is 10 kg or over value 50,000 Baht / Bill / Formula

  • Step 6: start of production

    New development formula or produce as formula takes time between 14-30 working days.

  • Step 7: sending samples

    We will send sample and customer satisfaction form to customer.

  • Step 8: evaluation

    Customer evaluates and give rating of cream.

  • Step 9: in case of unsatisfaction

    In case of customer is unsatisfied, customer could indicate more details to adjust formula.

  • Step 10: adjust the formula

    Customer can request to adjust formula for 3 times free of charge. Exclude change to new formula or replace with a new product.

  • Step 11: customer accepts formula and production starts

    After adjustment of formula has been accepted our R&D will be test product stability which takes time between 14-45 working days, depend on selected formula and preparation for production.

  • Step 12: waiting for products

    During production period our company has other services to support such as design, registration and more.

  • Trust in our products

    Trust in our products is guaranteed with international standard We adhere to faithfulness and we ready to provide and support of high quality service and maintain the highest safety standard to our customer. For more information please contact More cosmetic creation staff.

In case of adjust standard product formula

  • Step 1: select the product

    Customer selects cream formula from website or price list.

  • Step 2: try out

    Trail selected product items. If customer satisfied in our tester, customer can order minimum 1 kg or 100 pieces or 10,000 Baht per bill / time.

  • Step 3: select packaging

    Customer selects the packaging format.

  • Step 4: send the quotation

    Company will send quotation including product items and quantity.

  • Step 5: make a deposit

    Customer must pay 70% deposit of total amount in quotation.

  • Step 6: start of production

    For company starting with 1 product,it takes time between 14-20 working days.

  • Step 7: product design

    Company offer for logo design and label services take time about 7 working days.

  • Step 8: design adjustment

    Customer can adjust design 3 times free of charge.

  • Step 9: no need product design

    If customer doesn’t want logo design or labels services company will just check information again.

  • Step 10: FDA registration service

    We have FDA registration service that takes time between 7-14 working days.

  • Step 11: payment

    Customer must pay remaining 30% as total amount in quotation.

  • Step 12: packing products

    Production and packing of your product in case of bulk takes time between 14-20 working days. Separate packing less than 1000 pieces within 14-20 working days and over 1000 pieces within 30 working days.

  • Step 13: delivery

    We will send product with condition of delivery and fee to customer.

  • Step 14: product damaged

    In case of damaged product by delivery or by customer thank you to notify us within 7 working days.

  • Trust in our products

    Trust in our products is guaranteed with international standard We adhere to faithfulness and we ready to provide and support of high quality service and maintain the highest safety standard to our customer. For more information please contact More cosmetic creation staff.

Real time consulting

Mister X
I appreciate for how they take a good care, goodness guidance. More’s staff caring of every point of my situation. They do not stop for new development. They always find new knowledge and help me to plan my business.

Staff team is more like family, expert in business plan

Khun Na
More's staff are like a family, their market plan is so clear and can be hit the target. When I join with More I feel happiness, More's staff are friendly and they are ready to listen your problems or questions. They guide the good way and get more profits from products. It's worth what I have invested with More. Investment return to good profits. Work like with More is more like working with cousin.