After the order has been confirmed we’ll prepare products and confirmation for payment order. We will inform all possibility for delivery details and service fee to customer. The delivery rates as follow:

1. Thailand Post service
Express delivery by EMS system you can check & track delivery status 24 hours. Delivery date will be on 1-2 working days.

2.Private delivery service
For convenience service and safety delivery we provide private delivery service. We choose only the company who has international standard warranty and delivery date will be on 1-2 working days. This service can be delivered on public holidays as well.

3. Delivery by air service
We can delivery by air to customer in case of customer stay in oversea or near the airport and customer will get products within the same day but customer must pick up by yourself.

4. Pick up service
For fast delivery service customer must make an appointment in advance by indicate a date and pick up place to us after that we will send messenger to deliver products to you.
Delivery rates depend on size, weight, location and type of transportation that you selected.